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Frank Turley, Blacksmith photo by Frank Turley is the founder and operator of Turley Forge Blacksmithing School and a frequent demonstrator at craft schools, regional workshops, and universities. He welcomes the opportunity to present workshops of two days or longer, and will travel to any site that has a forge setup.

This Granddaddy of Blacksmithing Schools was established in 1970 making it the oldest of the modern blacksmithing schools.

Classes are three week intensives designed for beginning and intermediate. We work in three areas: scrollwork, toolsmithing, and various forms of hardware. Advanced classes can be planned on request.

Shorter one week classes are being added. Check our schedule page for details.

A brochure is available. Call, write or e-mail for more information.

Travel: Frank teaches and demonstrates at various schools and events world wide. See schedule for more.


Journeyman class or better. Salary negotiable. Apply to Frank Turley by email or snail mail.

Gallery and Biography page.

Hi-Res Flash Slide Show. Work by Frank Turley

NEW! 2020 schedule is posted. Start making your plans to attend now! NOTE: A few openings are still available in 2019.

Added Incentive! Become part of the Turley Forge legacy (celebrating 50 years in business). Sign up for one of the 2019 classes and receive a free day of hands-on power hammer instruction at iron-to-live-with right across the Santa Fe River.

See us in the November issue of  New Mexico Magazine

Frank Turley is the co-author of Southwestern Colonial Ironwork with Marc Simmons.

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